• In harmony with the environment

    Since 1995, we have specialised in the management of waste from energy and industry.

    Waste Management
PRODUCTS OUR OFFER We perform building demolition and all types of demolition work. Combustion by-Products Aggregates and concrete mixtures
SERVICES DEBRIS RECYCLING We recycle construction waste and waste from road repair and demolition work. KNOW MORE
SERVICES DEMOLITIONS We perform building demolition and all types of demolition work.

SERVICES RECLAMATIONS We execute reclamation works where we apply customized engineering and environmental solutions to degraded areas. KNOW MORE
SERVICES CONSTRUCTION WORK We specialize in earthworks: from simple excavation to complex construction work. KNOW MORE
SERVICES COMBUSTION BY-PRODUCTS MANAGEMENT AND LOGISTICS We have been involved in the logistics and management of waste and by-products from commercial power generation and industry since 1995. KNOW MORE

Industrial waste management

We manage all waste generated by industrial clients, from on-site management through coordination of logistics and transport, to final waste management (recycling, recovery or disposal).


Research and Development

For many years, we have been researching new applications for Combustion by-Products and many other types of waste (e.g., municipal sewage sludge) in various sectors of the economy. We are looking for innovative and green solutions for:

building construction
road construction
recycling of industrial waste