Research and Development

Innovation and search for new solutions to make efficient use of resources and limit the negative impact of human activities on the environment are part of our values and business goals.

Veolia EKOZEC has been researching new applications for Combustion by-Products and many other types of waste (e.g., municipal sewage sludge) in various sectors of the economy.

We are looking for innovative and green solutions for:

waste recycling

We have been involved in Combustion by-Products management and the circular economy since 1995. Our services guarantees stability and long-term partnerships with businesses and research facilities. We are supported in our research by scientists of renowned Polish universities.

We are always open to cooperation in exploring new applications for Combustion by-Products and other types of waste. We are happy to cooperate with research units, start-ups and large enterprises.

Our projects

FITO-ZEC natural fertilizer

Project objective

Effective and environmentally friendly management of municipal sludge and Combustion by-Products in the form of an organic and mineral soil conditioner.

Project effects

Creation and production of the FITO-ZEC natural fertilizer which enriches the soil with organic matter (live active matter) and improves its properties. The agent makes it possible to increase soil water retention, increase the productive efficiency of plant biomass and improve the growth of the plant root system. Thanks to the contained nutrients, it restores soil quality and vitality, particularly in degraded areas. It is specifically used in Veolia EKOZEC’s ongoing reclamation works.

The beneficial properties of the FITO-ZEC soil improver for the reclamation process have been positively verified by leading state scientific institutes:

  • Obtained certification at the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy
  • Positive opinion of the National Institute of Horticultural Research in Skierniewice
  • Positive opinion of the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute in Warsaw
Research partner

Poznań University of Life Sciences

Business partners
  • Suppliers of stabilized sewage sludge, including AQUANET S.A. in Poznań.
  • Suppliers of Combustion by-Products: the energy sector
  • Mines, owners of degraded brownfields intended for reclamation
  • As a recipient—the agricultural sector: buyer of organic fertilizers.

Concrete mixtures from waste aggregates

Project objective

Use of FGD products and slag from thermal recycling facilities in road stabilization, thus replacing natural aggregates and saving resources.

Project effects

Specialized facilities allow Veolia EKOZEC to manufacture products (concrete mixtures) of high quality and stable parameters and to operate in harmony with the environment.

Key findings of the conducted research:

  • Compressive strength of mortars with FGD product addition was higher than with ash addition
  • FGD products can be successfully applied to concrete as a partial replacement for fly ash
  • The best aggregate as an additive to concrete mixtures is treated slag from thermal recycling and FGD
Research partner

Poznań University of Life Sciences

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