Stabilizers are used for soil reinforcement and as an auxiliary base layer. Most of the stabilization products we offer are made using recycled aggregates and mineral additives of anthropogenic origin. This made the product cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Veolia EKO-ZEC has a range of mixtures based on the above mentioned waste materials.

Development of a new recipe is possible upon request.

We offer:

  • Stabilizations with strength classes:
    Rm 0.5–1.5 stabilization
    Rm 1.5–2.5 stabilization
    Rm 2.5–5.0 stabilization
  • cement-stabilized mixtures: grades from C 0.4/0.5 to C 12/16
  • sand-cement ballast bedding


All our stabilizations meet the requirements of PN-S-96012 “Motor roads. Base made of cement-stabilized soil with cement-enriched soil substrate.”
National Certificate of Conformity of Factory Production Control 
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