Veolia Group

Veolia is an established global brand providing access to key utility services in three sectors: energy, water and waste.

For many years, we have recognized global trends in energy and have been a world leader in energy transition. We make investments in decarbonization and low-carbon economy. We create cost-effective, environmentally beneficial, innovative solutions in waste management, water management and energy management.

Key information about Veolia worldwide

Presence in more than 40 countries, on 6 continents, 220.000 employees worldwide

    • Waste

      • 435, 861 industrial customers
      • 48 million tons of waste managed
      • 685 waste conversion facilities
      • 40 million people to whom Veolia provides waste collection services on behalf of local authorities
    • Energy

      • 48 million MWh of electricity produced
      • 46,058 managed heat sources
      • 2,211 industrial facilities served
    • Water

      • 779 million people supplied with drinking water
      • 61 million people covered by wastewater service
      • 2,750 wastewater treatment plants under management
  • Key information about Veolia in Poland
    In Poland, the Veolia Group has been present for more than 25 years. It is a proven partner of cities and the industry throughout the country. It is active in 123 local governments.
    The Veolia Group is the largest private heat supplier in Poland. We operate in 78 cities, and we manage heating networks in 58.
    Veolia has 4,500 employees in Poland.
    • Waste

      • 2.5 million tons of waste managed
      • 1 hazardous and non-hazardous waste facility
      • 2 Energy Recovery Plants (ERP) under construction; 3 new projects in the pipeline
    • Energy

      • 22.9 million residents served
      • 7 TWh of annual electricity turnover
      • 63.8 thousand TJ of heat sold
    • Water

      • 593 km of water supply network in operation
      • 4 wastewater treatment plants
      • 427 km of sewer network operated by us
  • We create environmentally beneficial and cost-effective circular economy solutions. With these, we make better use of the planet’s resources and preserve them for future generations.