Sulphur-calcium fertilizer

Sulphur-calcium fertilizer “Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC” is a solid, loose, fine fertilizer with an amorphous structure, but it is not dusty due to the appropriate moisture content. In sulphate compounds (SO4), it contains at least 17% water-soluble sulphur (S) and at least 21% calcium (Ca).

Recommended for:

  • acidic soils with low sulphur content
  • placing underneath plants that have an increased need for sulphur

Detailed information:

  • does not acidify the soil but improves its structure
  • has a strengthening and antiseptic effect on plants
  • neutralizes toxic aluminium

Scope of application:

Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC fertilizer is designed for use on all types of soils for fertilization of:

Primary crops (rapeseed, mustard, corn, beet, cereal, legume)

Fruit crops (pome fruits, stone fruits and berries)

Vegetable crops (root, cruciferous and leafy vegetables, bulb plants)

Green crops (natural meadows, pastures, pure grass, pure legume and legume-grass mixtures)