Combustion by-Products Management and Logistics

We have been involved in the logistics and management of waste from commercial power generation and industry since 1995.

We manage the entire process in a professional manner:

  • determination of the waste code;
  • extraction;
  • safe and timely collection;
  • transport;
  • recovery;
  • disposal of waste;
  • waste neutralization;
  • implementation of new products from waste.

We operate in four main areas:

Combustion by-Products management
  • comprehensive services (collection, management, disposal) of Combustion by-Products;
  • full logistics (domestic and export shipment);
  • loading on ships;
  • storage bases in Poznań and Łódź;
  • own waste management and cooperation with recipients throughout Poland.
Industrial waste management
  • waste code determination with the participation of an accredited laboratory;
  • full logistics (extraction, loading, transport and processing of the waste);
  • BDO [waste management register] service;
  • all permits and certificates required by law.
Management of sewage sludge
  • collection, transport and processing.
Management of waste from incineration plants


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