Recycled aggregates

One of the branches of Veolia EKOZEC is the production of recycled aggregates from construction debris. As part of the processing line, it is crushed and then sorted to obtain high-quality material.

At Veolia EKOZEC, we have our own screeners that can sort up to 2,000 Mg of aggregates per day.

What we offer:

  • 0–63 concrete aggregate
  • 0–31 concrete aggregate
  • 0–63 asphalt aggregate
  • 0–31 asphalt aggregate
  • 0-16 asphalt concrete sifting
  • 0–63 brick and concrete aggregate
  • 0–31 brick and concrete aggregate
  • 0-16 brick and concrete sifting
  • 0-16 brick and concrete sifting


The quality of our products is confirmed by the certificates we hold.
National Certificate of Conformity for Factory Production Control
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Piotr Sikorski

+48 693 285 563