Debris recycling

Veolia EKOZEC recycles construction waste and waste from road repair and demolition work. We recycle debris, asphalt and concrete, among others.

The recycling process at Veolia EKOZEC:

We accept waste with the following codes:

Concrete waste and concrete debris from demolition and renovation work17 01 01
Brick debris17 01 02
Waste from other ceramic materials and fixtures17 01 03
Waste from road repair and reconstruction17 01 81
Bituminous mixtures other than those listed in 17 03 0117 03 02
Soil and earth, including stones, other than in 17 05 03 (only by separate arrangement with the recipient)17 05 04
Mixed waste of concrete and brick debris, ceramic materials and fixtures other than those mentioned in 17 01 0617 01 07

Every year, mountains of waste are generated by construction and demolition work, but less than half is recovered. Much of it can be reused and recycled, promoting the sector’s competitiveness and its transition to a circular economy. At the same time, by reusing and recycling materials and structures, we can provide greener aggregates and minimize the construction industry’s impact on the environment.


Piotr Sikorski

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