Construction work

We specialize in earthworks: from simple excavation to complex construction work.

We offer the following to our customers:

  • excavation for construction of buildings with underground garages;
  • excavation for construction of industrial facilities;
  • parking lots and manoeuvring areas;
  • roads made of paving blocks or openwork panels;
  • construction embankments.

We execute:

  • wide-space excavation for all types of buildings;
  • excavation for strip and pad footings;
  • excavation for sewerage, water supply, gas and electrical installations;
  • trenching for paving
  • soil replacement
  • compaction of slopes and substrates
  • preparation of land for projects
  • grubbing of trees, branches and their removal and disposal
  • hardening of access roads for construction and parking yards
  • backfilling of foundations
  • trenching
  • cleaning up plots of land and open areas
  • removal of soil from the excavation
  • execution of embankments


Maciej Słonka

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Jacek Kudliński

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